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Welgro Superior Substrates (5L)

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Welgro superior substrates potting mix is the preferred choice of professional growers.

Benefits includes:

• Lightweight substrate mix which has been scientifically blended to provide optimum plant growth conditions.

• Excellent water permeability and high porosity, thus making it the preferred planting media for high-rainfall locations.

• Highly sustainable quality (non hardening).

• Optimal balance between EC, ph-KCI, CaCO3, PH<6.

• Pre-mixed application makes it easy for repotting. You will see the difference as it rejuvenates potted plants in a short while.

• Mix with existing garden soil to improve aeration and provide additional nutrients, which will result in better-quality plant growth.

Ready to use!

The ideal planting for:
• Outdoor and indoor plants
• Pots, troughs, boxes and planters
• Landscaping & garden use

Size: 5L (also available in 10L)

Soil Type Compost, Potting Mix, Multi Purpose
Price $4.90

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