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Mosquito Dunks - 6pc Pack
Mosquito Dunks - 6pc Pack

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Mosquito Dunk (Bti Briquets) is a highly selective microbial insecticide effective against mosquito larvae (Aedes Aegypti, An.arabiensis and Culex Quinquefasciatus).

Each Dunk Kills Mosquito Larvae for 30 Days or More

Direction for Use:
• For use in all types of mosquito breeding areas.
• Use (1) Mosquito Dunk (Bti Briquets) for up to 100 square feet (9.3 square meters) of water surface, regardless of depth.
• To prevent the Dunks from being washed away, they can be anchored using a string tied through the center hole, or they can be staked in place.
• Apply Mosquito Dunks to any target sites, i.e. bird baths; flower pots; tree holes; rain barrels; roof gutters; unused swimming pools; old automobile tires; water gardens, which is known or suspected breeding site when flooded.
• Use correct amount in accordance to the dosage table.

Pesticide Type Chemical
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