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Zagro RTU Zeeplantcare Organic Insecticide - Pyrethrum (500ml)

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Zeeplantcare is an organic ready-to use aqueous solution for control of aphids, blackflies, greenflies, caterpillars and whiteflies on garden flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Prepared from pyrethrum - nature's own rapid-acting insecticide. For outdoors, in greenhouses and on potted plants throughout the season.

Type of Plants:
Edible crops and ornamental garden plants

Useful Against:
Aphids, Blackflies, Greenflies, Caterpillars and Whiteflies

Direction for Use:
Shake well before use. Open nozzle to give fine spray when trigger is squeezed firmly. Spray plants thoroughly on both upper and lower surfaces of leaves and/or stems. Do not spray on open blooms. Use sparingly on young foliage and on sensitive plants. Some species of plants may be sensitive and show signs of yellowish particularly after a second application; test on a small number first.

Do not spray in windy conditions or when plants are in direct sunlight or warm weather. Repeat treatments may be required to maintain control. For whiteflies, repeat treatment (every 3-7 days) will be required to achieve effective control.

Once in 2 weeks.

Active Ingredients - Pyrethrins

Packing: 500ml RTU Sprayer

Pesticide Type Organic
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