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Zagro Punisx 50 EC (250ml)
Zagro Punisx 50 (250ml)

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Punisx 50 is a synthetic pyrethroid contact and stomach poison insecticide, used to kill a wide range of insects that come into contact with or eat it. It provides a fast killing effect. However, it is easily washed away by rain. Therefore, re-application is required after a heavy down pour.

Type of Plants:
All Types of Plants, Ornamentals, Fruits and Vegetables

Useful Against:
Insects such as Caterpillars, Flies, Fruit Borers, Thrips and Ants.

Ineffective against pests with a natural protection i.e. body scales, oily layer. It is also ineffective against pests which mine into leaf tissue rendering contact insecticides useless.

Once in 2 weeks. Ensure thorough coverage, especially the underside of the leaf as most pests are located there.

Active Ingredients - Cypermethrin 5% w/w - Others 95% w/w

250ml of Emulsifiable Concentrate

Pesticide Type Chemical
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