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WithGarden Soft n Care Landscape Gloves - Burgundy Red
WithGarden Soft n Care Landscape Gloves

Item code: WithGarden Soft n Care Landscape Gloves

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Soft n Care Landscape comes with four colors, burgundy red, forest green, navy blue and violet purple. For active work, Soft n Care Landscape is coated with Nitrile. It is good for people who have natural rubber allergy. 13-gauge nylon lining fits to your hands perfectly, offering maximum comfort and eliminate hand fatigue. Designed for durable work outdoors.

Size options: 7/S, 8/M, 9/L

Colour options: Burgundy Red / Forest Green / Navy Blue / Violet Purple

Material: Nylon (Liner) / Nitrile (Coating)

• Stylish and elegant design makes you feel happy when wearing for gardening and can be worn as dress gloves.
• Patented MICROFINISH® technology promises better control when using a variety of garden tools.
• Ergonomic design fits your hands offering great dexterity and superior flexibility.
• Open back design gives you comfort and breathability, making your hands comfortable and dry when working outdoors.
• 13-gauge seamless knit lining fits your hands perfectly for sensitive and detailed garden tasks.
• Nitrile coating assures the durability and help your hands without compromising comfort.
• Good alternative for people with latex allergy.
• Machine washable makes possible for you to clean your gloves again.

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