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Table Garden "Air Purifier" in HG-3198A Pot (L22CMxW22CMxH10CM) - White

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No garden? No problem. Bring the garden into your living with our meticulously arranged & decorated themed table gardens.

Plants are the essence of every interior and the modern lifestyle. Our potted houseplants are style statements that epitomize who we are, while remaining true to nature. Apart from homes and offices, our potted houseplants are also perfect for small spaces such as bathrooms and study rooms. Only the best of our indoor plants are chosen and housed in the latest designer pots. It can also make the perfect gift for loved ones, business associates and special occasions.

Light: Shady bright area with indirect sunlight.
Water: Water when the soil feels dry to the touch. Water level indicator - refer to "Plantplus Care" Plantplus
Fertiliser: Feed with slow release pellets or liquid fertiliser once a month.

Pot model: HG-3198A
Pot colour: White
Pot type: Plastic pot with self watering indicator system.
Pot size: L22cm x W22cm x H10cm

Plant type: 3 different Air Purifier plants (Spathiphyllum spp., Hedera helix, Ficus pumilia) decorated with driftwood & miniature figurines
Plant size: Vary in sizes

* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from photo.
* Selected plant type/species subject to availability. Other similar plant type/species may be used as replacement or substitution.

Care of Plantplus:

Plantplus care

Colour White
Material Plastic
Floral Feature Evergreen, Prefers Semi-shade
Price $44.90

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