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Sow your Seeds Kit

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Teach the children where the food on the table comes from! It can be much more satisfying to grow them yourself from seeds. From seed germination to seedling to plants is entertaining to both adults as well as children! With basic seed sowing skills and some care, most flowers and vegetables are easy to grow from seeds.

Grow Guide:
Step 1: Fill the seed tray with seed compost
Step 2: Moisten the surface of the compost
Step 3: Sprinkle seeds evenly over the composted area
Step 4: Cover the seed tray and place the covered seed tray in a warm shaded place
Step 5: Once the seedlings have grown to decent size, transplant them & feed with fertiliser pellets once a month

Grow Kit Set consists:
• 1 x Elho Green Basics Grow Kit All-in-One (36cm) set with free plantlabels
• 1 x Bio-organic compost (5L)
• 1 x Guanito Organic Fertiliser (500gm)
• 1 x Premium Franchi Flower/Vegetable/Herbs Seed (Choice of selection)

* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from photo.

Elho Green Basics

Growing one’s own plants continues to enjoy enormous popularity. Based on market demand there is a new addition to the grow your own range, the green basics growkit. With more content and even more “grow your own fun”! It fits perfectly into a windowsill or in narrow places. Larger plants feel perfectly at home thanks the high design of the tray and growing house.

Bring your vegetable garden to your kitchen and always enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs.

The box consists of three elements: the box, the growing tray and the dish.
*free Green Basics Plantlabel (S) x 3

Tip: open the vent on the box for improved air circulation and increased oxygen to stimulate plant growth.

• complete set of tray, saucer & house cover with ventilation slider
• includes free plantlabels (3S)
• 100% modular system
• superb quality and beautiful design
• great colours
• contains recycled plastics

Size: L36cm x W26cm x H19cm - 4.5L

Colour options: Living Black / Lime Green

Grow Guide - Sow your Seeds Kit

Price $59.90

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