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Scheurich 150/60 Orchid Stick - Green-Clear

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Scheurich is a brand “Made in Germany” – this title stands for high quality, short delivery routes (CO2 reduction), great flexibility (low credit risk) and job security.

Scheurich, with Fashion for Plants as its branding statement and guiding philosophy, has created a new solution to supporting and displaying orchids – the new Orchid Stick. Orchid displays are not always the attractive sight they should be. So often the elegant stem of a beautiful orchid placed in its co-ordinating Scheurich coverpot, is supported by an all-too-visible piece of cheap bamboo with plastic clips.

Something completely new

So to improve display and therefore benefit sales, Scheurich has created a 60cm (24 inch) long transparent orchid support stick in the three most popular colours for orchids; pastel pink, light green and white. The orchid stick has two unique design elements, both practical and stylish. There are two integrated orchid stem supporting hooks halfway up the stick and there is a decorative floral swirl at the top.

Model: Scheurich 150/60 Orchid Stick
Colour: Green-Clear
Size: H60cm

Material Plastic
Price $7.90

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