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Russelia in TC Conical Pot

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Scientific name: Russelia equisetiformis
Common name: Firecracker Plant

Firecracker plant is a multi-branched subshrub with slender, rushlike stems that are angled with ridges and leaves that are reduced to little more than small scales. The wiry branches start out erect then fall over to cascade down to produce hanging clusters of scarlet tubular flowers that look like little firecrackers inspiring the plant's common name, firecracker plant. It is a fast growing, easy to cultivate and blooms almost continuously. This plant is a must have for a butterfly garden.

Light: Partial to full sunlight.
Water: Water when the soil feels dry to the touch.
Fertiliser: Feed with slow release pellets or liquid fertiliser once a month.

Pot model: TC Conical Pot
Pot colour: Terracotta
Pot type: Clay pot with drainage hole
Pot size: Ø31cm x H27cm

Plant size: Vary in sizes
Flower colour: Red

Colour Brown
Material Clay
Floral Feature Attracts Butterflies
Price $30.90