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Campana Pot (25cm)
Campana Pot (25cm)

Item code: 0001506

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Elegant Italian design with Greek key decoration round pot. Tough and durable. Made in Italy.

Colour: Terracotta

Available sizes:

15cm - ØE-18cm x ØI-15cm (ØBase-10cm) x H12cm - 1,5L
17cm - ØE-20cm x ØI-17cm (ØBase-11cm) x H14cm - 2,5LT
19cm - ØE-22cm x ØI-19cm (ØBase-12cm) x H16cm - 3LT
22cm - ØE-25cm x ØI-22cm (ØBase-14cm) x H18cm - 5LT
25cm - ØE-29cm x ØI-25cm (ØBase-15cm) x H21cm - 7LT
28cm - ØE-33cm x ØI-28cm (ØBase-17cm) x H25cm - 10LT
32cm - ØE-37cm x ØI-32cm (ØBase-20cm) x H28cm - 15LT
37cm - ØE-43cm x ØI-37cm (ØBase-23cm) x H31cm - 23LT
42cm - ØE-48cm x ØI-42cm (ØBase-24.5cm) x H34cm - 33LT
47cm - ØE-54cm x ØI-47cm (ØBase-28cm) x H37cm - 46LT
55cm - ØE-62cm x ØI-55cm (ØBase-32cm) x H44cm - 70LT
65cm - ØE-73cm x ØI-65cm (ØBase-43cm) x H53cm - 120LT



Colour Brown
Material Plastic
Price $8.90