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Poinsettia Red (P15c)
Poinsettia Red (P15c)

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Out of stock

No flower says Christmas like the beautiful poinsettia. Poinsettias are the timeless holiday classic. With its showy bracts that comes in red, pink and white, these holiday flowers add a holiday cheer to any setting!

Plant size: Vary in sizes
Plant colour: Red

Pot type: Standard plastic pot with drainage holes
Pot size: Ø15cm

Light: Shady bright indoor area with indirect sunlight.
Water: Water when soil feels dry to touch.
Fertiliser: Not required when in bloom.

* Images are for reference only. Actual plant colour, shape and height may vary from image.

* No additional delivery charge on Poinsettias (up to 20 pots) when purchase with Christmas tree.

** Poinsettia Care Tips **

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