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Plantui Capsule - Basil
Plantui Capsule - Basil

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Ocimum basilicum

Basil is sometimes called the king of herbs. This honorary title is not only tied to cooking: basil has been found in the royal burial chambers of the pyramids. Basil, with its aromatic, anised-like mildly sweet flavor and its strong clove scent, is the staple for all of us who love pesto and Caprese salad. You can also use it in pasta and risotto and throw a handful of leaves on pizzas and bruschetta. And do not dedicate this versatile herb to main dishes only! Basil and strawberries or peaches are a great match. Try cooking basil, water and sugar into a lovely syrup and sprinkle it on fruit and berries, or mix it into your favorite summer drink.

Basils grow superbly well together in Plantui and we have a large variety for you to mix and match. The Basil Dark has a unique color, the Basil Lemon has an added citrus scent and flavor, the Basil Minette has much smaller leaves but is arguably the most fragrant, the Basil Spicy gives a little more oomph, and the Basil Thai is the classic herb you find in most Thai dishes.


Grow fresh, tasty and pure greens all-year-round. Plantui Plant Capsules™ are soil-free and ready-to-use. No gardening skills needed: just place the plant capsules into the Smart Garden - the seed are already in the capsules.

Untreated non-GMO seeds: Plantui seeds have not been treated using any chemical, biological or physical method. Our capsules are made of lava stone wool which ensures optimal water and oxygen levels for plants. The rockwool is also firm enough to support the plant weight and soft enough to allow the roots to grow into the nutrient solution.

This package contains 3x Plantui Plant Capsules™ and 1x pack of nutrients specifically designed for these plants.

* Nett-priced item

For the best growing experience, we recommend combining plants that are in the same growing groups.

We categorized our plants into three groups:

Plant Grower Group

Plantui Plant Capsules™ are soil-free and ready-to-use. Our horticulture experts test and select the best seeds and varieties in the Plantui Lab™.

Our capsules are made of lava stone wool which ensures optimal water and oxygen levels for plants.

Each Plantui Plant Capsule package includes three capsules with seeds and a perfect mixture of nutrients for the Plantui plants.

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