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Peats Mushroom Compost (25L)

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Out of stock

Peats Soil & Garden Supplies

Peats Mushroom Compost is a blend of milled straw and organic compost.

Applied as a surface mulch or incorporated into existing soil, Mushroom Compost will improve the condition and performance of soil through enhanced nutrient and moisture retention levels.

Mushroom Compost can confidently be applied to all fruit, flower and vegetable gardens. A good all round soil improver.

• Ability to improve soil health and fertility
• Ability to improve moisture retention, promote plant growth
• Flower colour and fruit quality

• Soil incorporation or as a cover mulch

• Soil incorporation - 4 soil : 1 Mushroom Compost
• Cover mulch - recommended to be applied at a depth of 50 mm

• 6.5 – 7

Size: 25L

Soil Type Compost, Multi Purpose, Green & Organic
Price $25.90

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