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Peats Garden Compost (30L)
Peats Garden Compost (30L)

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Out of stock

Peats Soil & Garden Supplies

Peats Garden Compost is a fine grade dark coloured compost produced from recycled organic materials. It is produced under strict quality controlled conditions and will improve the condition and performance of the soil by increasing nutrient and moisture retention levels.

Garden Compost is ideal for the home gardener and is suitable for use on fruit trees, vines, flowers, shrubs, vegetables and any other home garden plant.

Seed germination is enhanced by incorporating Garden Compost in the seed planting mix prior to planting seeds.

• Improves soil health and fertility. Improves moisture retention.
• Promotes plant growth, flower colour and fruit quality.

• Soil incorporation or as a cover mulch

• Soil incorporation:- 4 parts soil to 1 part Garden Compost.
• A covering of mulch is also recommended to be applied at a depth or 50mm.

Size: 30L

Soil Type Compost, Multi Purpose, Green & Organic
Price $27.90

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