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My First Garden - Succulent Starter Kit (HG-5001 Mini Planter) - White

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A passion for gardening does not happen overnight. Start the kids off with this succulent project that all in the family can partake in. Succulents are attractive, easy to grow and maintain. Instill a passion for gardening by getting the kids to grow their own plant buddies today!

Grow Guide:
Step 1: Fill the tray with a layer of pumice stones
Step 2: Gently unpot the succulents from the pots & dust away some of the soils around the roots
Step 3: Position and place the succulents in the planter according to your own preference
Step 4: Top up the planter with pumice stones
Step 5: Cover the top surface with coloured sand for aesthetic purpose
Step 6: Add in decorative items like figurines as final touches
Step 7: Place the garden in a warm shaded place with bright indirect lighting & water accordingly when necessary

Grow Kit Set consists:
• 1 x HG-5001 mini plastic planter
• 2 x Zeotrate substrate (1Kg)
• 3 x Assorted mixed Succulent plants in non-repotted pots
• 1 x Decorative colour sand
• 1 x Decorative small driftwood
• 1 x Decorative small rock
• 1 x Decorative assorted figurine

* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from photo.

Grow Guide - My First Garden - Succulent Starter Kit

Price $37.00

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