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Jiffy GO Bio4 Organic Compost

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Tref Flora Fleur

Ready-to-use mixed bio compost for trays and seedings in getting the nutrition available for the crop, especially herbs, grown in a very short period of time, need the right amount of available Nitrogen (N) at their disposal. Tref organic compost deliver the nitrogen exactly at the time it is needed by the crop.

It secures the availability of nutrition for short term organic crops.

No more black gnat related problems.

Organic and eco-quality label.

Ready to use!

Major constituents: White Peat / Black Peat / Coconut fibre – grit / Compost
Amount of added fertiliser: Biological fertiliser

General product requirements* : Free of substances that are harmful to plants and other inerts. No toxic heavy metals.
Physical properties* : Water / air ratio
Biological properties* : Free of nematodes harmful to plants. Weed-controlled.

* According to RHP Standards

Size: 70L

Soil Type Compost, Potting Mix, Multi Purpose, Green & Organic
Price $37.90

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