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Jiffy Florafleur 002 Universal Potting Soil (70L)

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Tref Flora Fleur

Florafleur Universal ‘A’ grade potting soil is produced from top quality materials, can be used for houseplants, terrace plants, bedding and garden plants.

A beautiful healthy plant needs roots that actively take up nutrients and water. Strong roots help anchor a plant firmly in the ground. The properties and structure of this potting soil allow roots to develop with hardly any effort. The raw materials from which this product is composed have been selected by experts with years of experience in the field of professional horticulture. The producer guarantees that the raw materials used are free of disease and contamination.

Why universal potting soil?
This mix has been compiled to meet the needs of as many plants and circumstances as possible. Depending on the location of your plant, you can use universal potting soil all year round.

Ready to use!

Major constituents: Black Peat
Added fertiliser: NPK 17+10+14 + trace elements

General product requirements* : Free of substances that are harmful to plants and other inerts. No toxic heavy metals.
Physical properties* : Water / air ratio
Biological properties* : Free of nematodes harmful to plants. Weed-controlled.

* According to RHP Standards

Size: 70L

Soil Type Compost, Potting Mix, Multi Purpose
Price $34.90

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