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Indoor Herb Garden Kit (Green Basics Trough XL All-in-1) - Cotton White

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Cooking more often these days? Nothing beats spicing up your dishes with fresh herbs! Keep your kitchen supplied with herbs all day long with your own DIY herb garden planter!

Grow Guide:
Step 1: Add in a layer of Welgro substrate soil for herbs
Step 2: Unpot all the young herbs, remove some soil from the roots gently, and place them in the planter
Step 3: Top up with more soil & place the planter in area with direct morning sun
Step 4: Feed the herbs with organic fertiliser pellets once a month

Grow Kit Set consists:
• 1 x Elho Green Basics Through XL All-in-One (55cm) with metal hanger
• 2 x Welgro substrate soil (10L)
• 1 x Dix 10-3-3 organic fertiliser (500gm)
• 3 x random mixed herbs plants in non-repotted pots (Herbs will be selected based on stock availability - Rosemary, Sweet Basil, Thai Basil, Lemon Balm, Mint etc.)

* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from photo.

Elho Logo Green Basics

Searching for a planter with enough space for a lot of green? This xl planter by elho is exactly what you are looking for! A planter with an impressive 18 litre capacity for the most beautiful flowers and plants. It has a convenient opening on the side making it easy to water your plants with a watering can. No fiddling and tinkering with hooks. Thanks to the rack, you can hang the balcony planter directly over the railing.

• Made from recycled plastic
• The planter fits every railing with a width up to 6cm.
• Complete set with planter, saucer, hanging rack and mounting clips. No tools required.

Size: W56.4cm x D32.3cm x H22.7cm - 18L | Weight 1732g
Type: Plastic rectangle planterbox with drainage hole, clip-on saucer and metal hanger
Material: Polypropylene

Grow Guide - Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Price $116.60

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