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Hozelock 7920 Pico Power Pressure Washer

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The Hozelock Pico Power delivers all the performance you need in a small, versatile unit for effortless cleaning around your home.

Key Benefits Include:
• 140 bar (max) aluminium motor delivers effortless cleaning power
• Ultra compact design makes Pico Power easy to move and store
• 6mm micro high pressure hose (6m) delivers lightweight & flexible performance

The powerful 140 bar (max) motor and pump delivers effortless power ensuring cleaning around your home a breeze.

Delivering both lightweight & flexible performance, the 6m of 6mm Micro High Pressure Hose provides the feeling as though you are not even connected.

All outdoor spaces are different and that is why the Pico Power has been designed to be easily transported around your home.

Clever on board storage provides every component with a home ensuring your Pico Power is ready to go whenever you need it. Complete with a range of attachments for effectively cleaning, rinsing and applying detergent.

By keeping the size to an absolute minimum allows the ultra compact Pico Power to be easily stored, ensuring your shed, car or cupboard remain clutter free.

Complete with a 2 year manufacturing guarantee the small and mighty Pico Power will be a great addition to your home.

As with all pressure washers on the market, you should use a standard round reinforced garden hose of a nominal ½” diameter as the supply hose.

Do not use flat hoses, small diameter hoses (nominal bore diameter less than ½”) or expanding type hoses.

Hozelock 7920 Technical Data

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Hozelock 7920 Video

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