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Hozelock 2410-7215-Y Hose Reel Set (w/15M Maxi-Plus Hose)

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The Hozelock Freestanding Hose Reel is the ideal hose storage system that comes with 15m of 12.5mm general purpose, hard wearing Hozelock starter hose (can hold up to 30m of hose if required).

Freestanding, it can safely store loose hose ensuring the life and quality of your hose while also allowing easy movement around the garden.

Made from the highest quality plastics, the Freestanding Hose Reel will stand the hard wearing challenge of gardening tasks, time after time.

It comes with a 2 year warranty and like most Hozelock products, a full range of spares are available to extend the life way beyond this. With a slim line and open casing design, this Hozelock Freestanding Hose Reel allows for quick and easy storage.

Great for use during the warmer months when your garden needs watering the most. A lightweight frame and manual rewind enables the Hozelock Freestanding Hose Reel to be effortlessly moved around the garden and is a fuss free solution to storing hose to eliminate tangling, knotting and trip hazards.

Key Benefits Include:
• Perfect for storing loose hose, reducing the risk of trips
• No more hose kinking and tangling ensuring the life of your hose
• Sturdy frame allows for quick and easy rewinding
• Freestanding with a handle for easy movement around a garden

Reel/Cart Category: Free standing

Reel's Capacity: 30m of 12.5mm Hose

Hose: Included (15m Maxi-Plus - Starter Hose - 12.5mm)

Fittings: Included (Hozelock 2352 Hose Fitting Set)
- 2292 Hose Nozzle - adjustable form jet to fine spray
- 2185 Wateringstop Connector
- 2166 Hose End Connector
- 2175 Threaded Tap Connector

Hozelock 2352 Starter Set

Price $97.10

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