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Green Basics Scoop (XXL) - Leaf Green
Green Basics Scoop (XXL)

Item code: Green Basics Scoop (XXL)

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Elho Green Basics

The new green basics scoop with a content of 1 liter. Specially designed for multifunctional use which you can use for scooping soil, hydro grains and even pet food. Due to the tight hand grip it scoops comfortable. The small holes in the bottom of the scoop ensure that no (moist) soil remain behind in the scoop.

• elegant and ergonomic grip
• superb quality for longlasting pleasure
• multifunctional design
• contains recycled plastics

Size: L22.5cm x W10.5cm (XXL) - 1L

Green Basics Scoop XXL

Green Basics Scoop XXL

Price $10.90

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