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Green Basics Growpot (11cm) - Mild Terra
Green Basics Growpot (11cm)

Item code: Green Basics Growpot (11cm)

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Elho Green Basics

Elho gives the plastic a second life with the name: green basics. This green line exclusively uses recycled plastic. It uses only the best plastic of the market to make new pots in an advanced process. So nice and with same color as other products elho setting but still better for the world. Included in the product range for many years now and by far the most popular green basics model: the seed pot. Logical too as this pot has been designed in conjunction with cultivators, it has a unique bottom and there is a matching saucer for each and every size. A practical tool that provides the right water supply. All the ingredients for growing healthy plants and flowers, and great to look at too!

Tip: Don't overfill the pots with too much soil as water can easily spill over when watering (but if you use an elho saucer this won't of course be a problem).

Size: Ø11cm x H10cm - 1L
Available colours: Living Black / Mild Terra

Watering System

Elho Green Basics Growpot

Elho Green Basics Growpot

Elho Green Basics Growpot

Material Plastic
Price $1.90

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