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Green Basics Grow Tray (M) - Leaf Green
Green Basics Grow Tray (M)

Item code: Green Basics Grow Tray (M)

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Elho Green Basics

Would you like to grow your own vegetables on your balcony, in your garden or in your home? The elho grow tray makes this easy and fun! Fill the tray with sand or small pots and you're good to go! Simply start growing cuttings for cucumber or tomato plants or opt for herbs or lettuce. The grow tray can be placed in the garden, kitchen or on the windowsill. For an optimal result, use the green basics grow house too. This cover can simply be placed over the tray and encourages the plants to grow thanks to the perfect climate. Excess water is drained through the holes in the bottom of the tray, protecting the roots from rotting. If you wish to use the tray inside it must be combined with the elho green basics grow tray saucer, which prevents water dripping onto the floor. The grow tray is available in 3 sizes. All products from the green basics collection by elho are made of recycled plastic. The grow tray is maintenance-friendly and easy to clean. The elho tray can be placed in direct sunlight. All green basics products feature a UV-filter to prevent colours fading. The tray is suitable for temperatures to -40 Celsius.There’s no need to worry about dropping or knocking elho green basics products; they're impossible to break.

Green Basics Grow Tray (M)
Growing your own plants and vegetables is totally hip. The green basics grow tray makes growing even more fun! Perfect for growing your own herbs and keeping in the kitchen. Also perfect for growing cuttings for vegetables such as tomatoes or cucumbers.

• multi-functional tray use with matching grow house & grow saucer
• superb quality and beautiful design
• comfortable to carry
• great colours
• contains recycled plastics

* Grow house, grow tray and grow saucer sold separately. Available in three sizes: small (S), medium (M) and long (L).

Size: Medium - L36cm x W26cm x H6cm – 2.6L

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Material Plastic
Price $11.90

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