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Soft N Care KIDS - Aqua Blue
WithGarden Soft n Care KIDS Gloves

Item code: WithGarden Soft n Care KIDS Gloves

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Soft n Care KIDS is available with three color selections, aqua blue, burgundy red and rose pink. Covered with natural rubber, gloves are soft and fit to children hands perfectly. The elegant and stylish Soft n Care KIDS is suited for sensitive work such as planting small pots, watering plants, and fruit picking. 13-gauge polyester lining offers maximum comfort and eliminate hand fatigue. Designed to protect the flowers and fruits by its soft covering.

Size: 6/XS

Colour options: Aqua Blue / Burgundy Red / Rose Pink

Material: Polyester (Liner) / Latex (Coating)

• Stylish and elegant design makes you feel happy when wearing for gardening and can be worn as dress gloves.
• Patented MICROFINISH® technology promises better control when using a variety of garden tools.
• Ergonomic design fits your hands offering great dexterity and superior flexibility.
• Open back design gives you comfort and breathability, making your hands comfortable and dry when working outdoors.
• 13-gauge seamless knit lining fits your hands perfectly for sensitive and detailed garden tasks.
• Soft latex offers superior dexterity, flexibility, and comfort.
• Machine washable makes possible for you to clean your gloves again.

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