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  1. Cutting (44)
  2. Planting (28)
  3. Sweeping / Cleaning (7)
  4. Watering (136)
  5. Lighting (2)
  6. Plant Protecting (26)
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Garden Tools

Garden Tools

There's a lot of work in these tools we carry with us every time we garden. The right garden tools make any job in the garden easier, whether you're planting, re-potting, weeding, pruning or clearing leaves off your garden.

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  1. $207.90
    Are you looking for fresh crisp lettuce and herbs from market? Grow leafy greens yourself with the PARUS Mini Farm! Fresh greens cut from your Mini Farm carry twice the nutritional value of vegetables you brought from stores. Plus, you can be sure there are no chemicals or pesticides in your food. With the Mini Farm you can feed your family fresh crisp greens harvested from your kitchen every day. You can also keep your flowers healthy and bright with Mini Farm all year round.
  2. $57.90
    Your plant is not vigor indoors? You want to see greens and flowers all year round in your room, but the light is not enough for plants? Give your plant its own mini sun. iSUN is the solution for pot plants and flowers, it can be plugged into any plant’s pot. You can keep your pot plants healthy and nurtured in any season. iSUN gives suitable light for plant growth and also gives you comfort warm white light.

    iSUN highly effective LED grow light to suit all needs in cultivating plants in pot or container indoors all year round.

    Indoor gardening for Home, Shop, Cafe, Kitchen and Office.

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