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RTU Zatilizer Foliar Fertilizer - Leafy Plants (500ml)

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RTU Zatilizer Foliar Fertilizer for Leafy Plants contains not only NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) and trace elements. It also contains plant growth hormones that encourage flowering and growth in plants. It can be used together with most pesticides and insecticides.

• Made from technical grade materials and high quality nutrients
• For easy absorption through leaves and roots
• Facilitates the photosynthesis process
• Can be used together with most pesticides/insecticides

• NPK 21: 21: 21 + TE + Hormone

Type of Plants: All Leafy Plants, Palm, Fern, Grass

Application: Once in 2 weeks

Packing: 500ml of RTU Sprayer

Fertiliser Type Foliage, General Purpose
Price $9.80

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