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RTU Sea Point Organic Plant Growth Regulator (500ml)

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Out of stock

Zagro Zagro Organic Range

RTU Sea Point Organic Plant Growth Regulator for Flowering, Leafy & Edible Plants is a sea-weed based organic fertilizer (safe for use on consumable plants e.g. Chili, Lime etc.). It contains plant growth hormones that encourage flowering and growth in plants. It can be used together with most pesticides and insecticides. It comes in the form of Ready To Use (RTU) sprayers. It is safe for humans and domestic animals.

Type of Plants: Flowering, Leafy, Edible Plants (All fruits bearing plants)

Application: Once in 2 weeks. On first application only drench the soil around the roots of the plant with RTU Sea Point for optimal result. Thereafter, spray directly on the leaves and the rest of the plant.

Packing: 500ml RTU Sprayer

Fertiliser Type Organic, Flowering, Foliage
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