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Aquatic Fertilizer - 12 Tablets

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These plant food tablets were formulated to feed all Lotus/Water Lillies. It provides the good source of major elements - 10% Nitrogen (N), 25% Phosphate (P2O5) and 20% Potash (K2O). It stimulates better root formation and blossom development and healthier overall Lotus/Water Lily growth. Easy to use, safe time and good value for household uses.

"BITEX" Fertilizer for Lotus & Water Lily

Direction for Use:

• Once a month, use 2-4 tablets during growing season.
• Push tablet one finger deep into the soil, near the crown of the Lotus/Water Lily.
• Press soil around the inserted tablet to prevent fertilizer from being released into the water.
• Use 2-4 tablets or more depend upon the size of the Lotus/Water Lily or the size of your container.
• Please keep in dry and cool place.
• Keep out of reach from children or pets

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