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Crystal-Soil (10gm) - Blue
Crystal-Soil (10gm)

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4D Crystal-Soil is a popular substitute soil for growing indoor plants. It can last up to two months without regular watering and fertilizing. It can also be used for cut-flower arrangements and decoration etc.

Crystal-Soil is made from water absorbent polymer which can absorbs up to 200 times of its own weight in water. It stores and holds water and nutrition and steadily releases as the plant needs. It is a handmade crystal which is pearl shape, clear and beautiful. Not like other product produced by machines, which are irregular in shape and don’t look the same. Crystal-Soil can prevent mosquito and bacteria problem which can occurred in ordinary soil. It is 100% non-toxic, biodegradable, odourless, re-usable and absolutely environmental safe.

How to use: Soak in water for 8-10hrs at the ratio of 1:180 ~ 1:120. Then drain out excess water and it is ready for use.

Content: Polyacrylamide

Assorted colours: Blue / Green / Purple / Red / Yellow / Clear

Size: 10gm

Soil Type Others
Price $3.90

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