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Peach Blossom in Polybag (No Pot)

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Out of stock

Peach Blossom 桃花 plant with roots potted in design pot with standard *CNY decoration (*only for purchase with pot option selected).

A standard decoration to usher in the New Year, these pink blossoms are one of the most beloved flowers of China. As they bloom at the end of winter against the snow and frost on seemingly lifeless branches, they are seen as icons of perseverance, endurance and hope. Place in bright areas, water till it drains from the pot's drainage holes.


Make this a perfect gift for yourself, your loved ones or business associates on this Chinese New Year season!

** Own self-repotting of the plant is required if purchase without pot option.

[Option with pot:]
Pot model: MT-1494
Pot type: Ceramic pot with drainage hole
Pot colour: Red / White
Pot size: Ø34cm x H44cm

Overall size (with Plant in Pot): Approx height 1.7-2.0m

[Option without pot:]
Pot model: Polybag (No pot)
Pot type: Plastic polybag

Plant size (without Pot): Approx height 1.5-1.8m

Light: Shady bright area to partial sunlight.
Water: Water when soil feels dry to touch.
Fertiliser: Not required during blooming.

* Plant may come in bud form.
* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant and pot arrangement may differ from product photo.
* Subjected to availability, replacement/substitution of pots or decorations may be required. If a replacement or substitution is necessary, we will try our best to maintain the overall design and colour combination used.

** Peach Blossom Care Tips **

Price $188.00

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