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Cymbidium Yellow in standard pot

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* Dear customers, please note that you are currently placing a PRE-ORDER of CNY plants.
* Delivery of CNY plants will only commence from 06 Jan 2020 subject to arrival of shipment
* Kindly select your preferred delivery date after 06 Jan 2020
For more enquiries on CNY Plants, kindly contact us at 6472 5365.

Cymbidium 大花蕙兰 in normal plastic pot.

This elegant beauty is one of the more desirable orchids in the world. Chinese like many blossoms on a branch as they exude cheeriness and are generally taken as auspicious signs that bring good fortune; with its multiple beautiful blooms that come in diverse colour patterns, Cymbidiums are a favourite for the Chinese New Year.


Make this a perfect gift for yourself, your loved ones or business associates on this Chinese New Year season!

Pot type: Standard plastic pot with drainage holes
Pot colour: Black
Pot size: Ø20cm x H22cm

Plant type: 6-7 stalks of yellow flowers
Plant size: Approx. height 100-120cm

Light: Shady bright indirect sunlight.
Water: Water when soil feels dry to touch.
Fertiliser: Not required when in bloom.

* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant and pot arrangement may differ from product photo.
* Subjected to availability, replacement/substitution of pots or decorations may be required. If a replacement or substitution is necessary, we will try our best to maintain the overall design and colour combination used.

** Cymbidium Care Tips **

Cymbidium Care Tips

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