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Chow Chow in TC Conical Pot

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Out of stock

Scientific name: Ruta graveolens
Common name: ‘Chow Chow’, Rue, Herb-of-Grace

Ruta graveolens, commonly known as 臭草 “stink grass” or “chow chow” in Chinese, is a species of Ruta grown as a herb. It is native to the Balkan Peninsula. It is now grown throughout the world as an ornamental plant in gardens, especially because of its bluish leaves, and also sometimes for its tolerance of hot and dry soil conditions. It is also cultivated as a medicinal herb, as a condiment, and to a lesser extent as an insect repellent.

This “stink grass” is actually one special ingredient use in a traditional recipe of a green bean soup. In fact, the herb smells very fragrant making this green bean soup very special. No other herb can replace it.

Reference made from Wikipedia -

Light: Partial to full sunlight.
Water: Water when the soil feels dry to the touch.
Fertiliser: Feed with organic pellets fertiliser once a month.

Pot colour: Terracotta
Pot type: Clay pot with drainage hole
Pot size: Ø19cm x H17cm

Plant size: Vary in sizes

Colour Brown
Material Clay
Floral Feature Herbal & Spices
Price $12.90

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