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Cat's Whiskers in TC Conical Pot (Ø25cmxH22cm)

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Scientific name: Orthosiphon aristatus
Common name: Cat's Whiskers

Orthosiphon aristatus is a plant species in the family of Lamiaceae / Labiatae. The plant is a medicinal herb found mainly throughout southern China, the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia and tropical Queensland. It is known as kumis kucing in Indonesia and misai kucing in Malaysia. In the US it may be commonly known as Cat's Whiskers or Java tea. The plant owes its name to the four strikingly long stamens, which stick out, as long as a pen, looking like a cat's whiskers sticking out from the white to pale purple flowers lip. The leaves and stem tips are used as herbs to make medicine. Cat’s Whiskers is also used in landscaping to attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to its nectar.

Reference made from Wikipedia -

Light: Partial to full sunlight.
Water: Water when the soil feels dry to the touch.
Fertiliser: Feed with organic fertiliser once a month.

Pot colour: Terracotta
Pot type: Clay pot with drainage hole
Pot size: Ø25cm x H22cm

Plant size: Vary in sizes

Colour Brown
Material Clay
Floral Feature Herbal & Spices
Price $19.90

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