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Baby Bio Original Drip Feeder (4x40ml)

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The original general purpose houseplant feed, for greener and vibrant colours in convenient ready to use plant feeders.

• Each feeder lasts for up to 1 month
• Suitable for all houseplants
• For greener leaves and vibrant blooms

Content: Box of 4 feeder x 40ml

Target: Houseplants

Application method:
• Push feeder into the pot
• Advice on application
• Shake well before use, cut tip off drip feeder using scissors. Push feeder into the pot with cut tip in the soil. Water plant as usual, leave in place for 3-4 weeks until the feeder is empty. Use one drip feeder in pots up to 15-20cm, more than one feeder can be placed in larger pots.

Tips for best results:
• Most house plants prefer a bright position, away from direct sunshine and droughts.
• The compost should be kept moist; most house plants are killed by over-watering so check that the compost has almost dried out between watering.
• Water from above, place a saucer underneath the pot to catch excess water and tip away any that does not disappear within a few minutes of watering.
• A weekly feed will keep green plants healthy and will encourage flowering plants to put on a good show of blooms. Baby Bio Drip Feeders will ensure regular feeding over a period of time.
• Keep leaves free of dust.
• Check plants for any signs of insect damage; white fluff, webbing or general lack of vigour could be a sign of infestation. Treat with insecticide to protect from insect attack.

Drip Feeder

Fertiliser Type Flowering, Foliage, General Purpose
Price $22.90

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